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Tips To Improve Your Asthma
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Tips To Improve Your Asthma

  • Practice breathing through the diaphragm or abdomen instead of the chest. When you breathe properly, your stomach exhales when you inhale, and contracts and becomes tense when you exhale. The chest and shoulders do not rise.
    2.2. If you have difficulty breathing or are short of breath, try to breathe slowly while relaxing the rest of your body. It reduces the demand for oxygen in the body. If you are exercising, slow down or stop

    If possible, do not quit smoking or hang out in a smokey room. If you live with a smoker who does not quit smoking or emit smoke, we recommend using an air filter or equipment that absorbs smoke. Do not underestimate the risk of indirect smoking, especially in children and the elderly.

    Try swimming as a practice of choice. Higher humidity seems to reduce the likelihood of bronchial spasm. You can also safely improve your cardiovascular endurance by walking or riding an exercise bike and starting slowly.

    Drink a glass of water or excess liquid. The faster you breathe, the more likely you are to become dehydrated. Like theophylline, an asthma drug, it contains a bronchial-relaxing chemical called theobromine, so a little regular tea is good. 6. If you use a rescue inhaler such as albuterol more than three times a week, you may need a prophylactic drug such as another inhaler or a tablet such as Singulair. Expect your asthma. Use the drug as soon as possible when the first signs of deterioration appear. After all, you will generally need less medication. Always inform your doctor if symptoms occur more frequently. In short, don't wait.

    People with asthma are often allergic to pollen, animals and dust. Talk to your doctor about an allergy test to see if an insensitive injection will solve the problem. Be sure to mention any watery eyes with stuffy nose or itching during your visit.
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